OMNIS STUDIOS is a unisex jewelry line made in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by timeless heirloom pieces that can be worn, shared, and cherished by everyone, everywhere, for years to come, OMNIS STUDIOS offers “one size fits all” collectable jewelry staples grounded in neutrality, fluidity and inclusivity. Here, masculinity and femininity are obsolete. We advocate modern individuality, which has no bounds and therefore cannot be defined.
As an American fashion brand, we recognize the importance of sustainability. OMNIS STUDIOS currently follows best practices to lessen our environment impact whenever and however we can. Every piece produced by OMNIS STUDIOS is exclusively made to order. Orders are shipped in recyclable packaging with items placed in a single reusable pouch. We remain innovative and educated, always exploring new ways to create for our customers in a way that is safe, sustainable and efficient.
For more information, please contact us at info@omnisstudios.com.




Alyssa Sutter is the Los Angeles based stylist and jewelry designer behind OMNIS STUDIOS and its sister brand Petit Moi. Influenced by her work as a celebrity and editorial stylist, coupled with an interest in sustainability and inclusivity as it pertains to the fashion industry, OMNIS STUDIOS was born.

“I wanted to create a line of everyday pieces that were ageless, genderless and able to be worn and appreciated by individuals of all shapes and sizes. Our products are exclusively made to order, and our materials are carefully sourced from local vendors in Los Angeles. If it’s not the perfect, universally flattering shade of yellow gold, we simply won’t use it. OMNIS STUDIOS believes in quality, durability and timelessness...and that’s what our jewelry is all about.” 

–– Alyssa Sutter, Founder and Designer of OMNIS STUDIOS